Return of the Duo

I assure you, neither of us were expecting this.

A Duo

So there we were Sunday evening, watching American Tail. We didn’t have a whole lot we wanted to do. Raid is over and we were at a raid logging point. Nikki and I agree it isn’t good to push something you’re not totally enjoying. And we want to not be burned out before Stormblood, so we were relaxing instead. Work was going to suck the following day–I could feel it. But I had no idea that we were going to do something we told ourselves to never do again.

The Return

There are so many times when we’re driving along that some of our more memorable tracks will play from FFXI. Or Rhapsodies, which gets us both teary-eyed each time. We play with the idea of maybe going back if it’s ever F2P, but laugh because that’ll never happen. For a little while now Ryan has been trying to get us to come back, saying it’s easy to catch up and such. But no no, we’ve got so much to do here in FFXIV! As we… grind gear for our third or fourth jobs and idle at the FC estate.


After talking with Eva, Weylin, and Ryan about it for a bit we reactivated and hopped on over to their server. Ahahahaha $60 later. Come on tax check please save me. 😭 We spent all of last night trying to figure out how to move and what the hell our gear even did. Fortunately Nikki saved her gearswap lua scripts that I wrote, but all of mine were lost to the nether. On the bright side? I never scripted anything really complex–so it hasn’t been difficult to get things ordered again. I just need to figure out what goes where and how to even build stuff back up.

Weylin’s Warning

He’s a particularly smart cookie, and advised us not to transfer “just because friends are here”. Like him, I’ve seen all too often that happening in my time as a Free Company Master (and later Officer on another). People would come join to be with the popular people or “the twitter folk”. And rather than be able to act on their own, many of them wound up as lumps on a log when their favorite people were too busy.

MMORPGs are largely defined by the people you play with. This is a fact of life. However, you can’t rely on people to make something enjoyable for you–either. At base level you have to be able to find ways to enjoy the game and its experience in your own way. This works just like any friendship and relationship, really. If you’re not satisfied or satisfied with working towards satisfaction in your own terms, how can you really bond in a healthy way with other people? You’re going to latch on and expect too much from them, even if you don’t think you are. It’s okay to get help and to rely on others often–but you need to be able to walk on your own two danged feet as necessary.

I think that’s the gist of what he was trying to say. And, I wholeheartedly agree. In the case of FFXI, Nikki and I are gonna be a duo–running things together and only together at our core. We’ll need tons of help and I appreciate it ahead of time! But… when we’re not being spoon-fed amazing equipment, we’re going to be doing other things that make us happy–inside and outside of the game. That helps keep us strong, I feel.

Happy adventuring!

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