Scary Birthday

Some days are scarier than others. My birthday might’ve been my scariest yet.

The Mourning

Waking up to Nikki by my side is always the greatest part of any day. But the rest of it was just… off. Like one of those waking up on the wrong side of the bed days. I definitely wasn’t in a decent mood. Preparing for the day of work was exhausting to even think about. There’s training and a lecture to give, a project I need to finish, etc.

Just the other day I learned via text that an Aunt of mine had died. This makes two aunts and one uncle almost in a domino-like sequence. Top that off with my Mom’s recent heart scares, and it’s not been the best of times. I think about her and realize I should call her. Just in case, I put my breaks on the car as I was backing out of the driveway. As I lean over to tap awake my phone so the assistant can use functions, a huge truck comes flying down the road!

Had I not stopped to call my Mom, I would’ve been run straight through by that truck. Quite the start to a day, I’d think!

The Day

Work went about as well as I had expected. By the end of it I was basically exhausted, but at least certain people didn’t chime in as often as they usually do. I’m working towards seven years of employment with this contract and still not a single person recognizes my birthday. Despite even the section lead noting we should do a little something to celebrate everyone’s birthdays at least. Shoot, despite it being on the calendar even. That’s fine enough, just a little depressing is all.

Nikki via text and Twitter, and many of y’all via Twitter and Discord kept my heart up with many birthday well-wishes. Thank you all so very much! ❤️

The Evening

Once Nikki and I got home, we went and stopped by to see my parents. During our nice long chat with them I was surprised to see that my Dad was… quiet and polite. He didn’t bring up politics or anything that’d make either of us uncomfortable from what I recall. That’s really weird for him, though I found out later why. Apparently my Mom had interrupted him in the middle of a story, and he was upset over it. That’s kind of amusing if only because he willingly interrupts everyone all the time without a second thought.

After presents and hugs we then went out to eat, this being Nikki’s first time at Outback. She had a fairly nice looking pasta dinner, and I spoiled myself rotten on the 22 oz rib eye. Nikki made fun of my cutting techniques with the steak but the plate was piled with fries and I was concerned about them falling off everywhere. Our waiter was pleasant and while talkative, not to the point of interrupting the entire meal negatively. He became one more person we’ve recommended Brave Exvius to, the poor soul.

We followed up dinner with a visit to Grandma’s house and stayed to chat with her for quite some time. I think we all had a good conversation–this was the chattiest I’ve ever seen my Grandma. From what she said, seems she’s only really open without my Dad around. I can’t really blame her. Finally we made a pit stop at Spirit Halloween for a costume piece for Nikki’s office Halloween costume, and managed to luck out on the One Piece she needed. Kind of surprised me, given how drained the place looked.

Not So Scary After All

So, I suppose aside from nearly dying this morning, the day wasn’t actually that scary. I mostly just wanted a good excuse to share the Halloween costume screenshots I made for the contest in my Free Company. ? Happy adventuring!

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