Shadowbringers Preparation

We’ve only got one week left until Shadowbringers Early Access. Time for some tips for that initial grind!

Making Gil

Making gil is important for just about anything in Final Fantasy XIV. And it can be really easy with the start of an expansion! Even if you don’t have a decent amount going in, I’ve got a few pointers that might help. They won’t make you rich enough to buy a whole neighborhood out, but you won’t be starving for teleport money either.

If the side quests in Shadowbringers are anything like we’ve had thus far, they’ll end up rewarding a great amount of materia. You might be convinced to take the gear, but snag that materia up when you can. Once the story raid drops, crafted raid gear will come with it. And many raiders will be draining the Market Board of all available materia for their pentamelds. If you drop what you have onto the market board then, you shouldn’t have any trouble pocketing a nice sum!

Of course, there’s always the easy go-to: gathering. Within the first week especially, crafters are going to be dropping their wallets on all sorts of common material to level quickly. The ones who gets highest first to command the markets are the ones who profit the most, so you can take a piece of their cake along the way. Instead of worrying about waiting in line at Raubahn EX Redux, go out and start gathering things you see selling like hotcakes on the market board. Sands are a great start, for Miners.

If you’re not the gathering type, you can also work on making items for crafting levequests. HQ versions of those items, especially the ones that allow triple turn-in, usually go for quite a fair amount early on. Sell those and score a minor amount of EXP on your crafters and you’ll have enough to keep you rolling through the expansion. Unless you spend a ton on glamours, I guess.

Experience Gain!

For those of us leveling Gunbreaker and Dancer up, it can be important to get to 61 or higher quickly. The faster you get Stormblood dungeons unlocked, the better for your EXP grind. Stocking up a lot of completed quests can help! But the biggest gains would come from your challenge log and hunts.

Once the new reset week drops on the 25th, get your challenge log set up. Work to ensure everything that can give combat EXP is as close to 1 remaining as possible. Except for FATEs apparently, given a recent notice from SE. Once Early Access drops, you can finish those up on your Gunbreaker and/or Dancer for a hefty EXP jump.

Likewise, if you hang onto hunt pages those can help. Going around and killing one enemy per type should be an easy way to get that final bit for a level. You can still use these methods on your Lv70 jobs, of course! The way I figure it though, we’ll definitely have more than enough EXP through quests to hit up dungeons along the way. The first job always has a good pace!

Finally, don’t forget about all of our EXP boosting options. Set up your FC or Squadron buffs. Equip any gear that works to boost EXP for your level range. And always eat food! That 3% goes a long way!!

Eating Well

I’ve been told that I have the tastebuds of a five-year-old. And I’m not gonna deny it with having such a sensitive stomach! Anyway. I know that having quick meals ready for Early Access can be really enticing. Ordering a pizza. Zapping some frozen meals. Goodness knows we’re gonna do it quite a bit, too!

Just don’t forget to treat yourself from time to time. Cook something good and healthy, even if it’s quick. Run some meal prep before Early Access so you don’t have to work as hard during. There are plenty of subreddits out there with all sorts of advice on doing that well! Your body needs fuel to keep that burn going, and if you feed it trash you’ll only feel worse about it later.

In addition, it can be really enticing to drink all of those energy and super-caffeinated drinks. Every now and then seems harmless, but do remember to drink plenty of water too. This goes back to that whole needing fuel thing. Although I guess water is more like our oil? Eh. Keep it as clean and as healthy as you can–even if it’s only a little bit here and there that you can! I know not everyone will be able to, but do your best!

Sleeping Well

Likewise, sleep is important for our health. Nevermind that I’m writing this at 1:30 in the morning! If it’s at all possible, try and get enough rest to keep going. You won’t properly function in a dungeon if your mind is burning out because you haven’t slept in days! Nor will you be able to properly remember and enjoy the storyline as you quest along the way.

Of course, as with anything just try to sleep as best you can. There are plenty of sleeping disorders and all kinds of anxiety that’ll keep people awake anyway. And, in those cases, playing more games could help to relax you a bit to sleep better. I’m no expert, and everyone’s different. For sleeping, drinking, and eating–pay attention to your body. You know it better than I do, and know how to handle what you need, when you need it. Just don’t forget because you want to see if your favorite NPC lives or not!

Organizing Parties

Finally, if you can–try to organize parties ahead of time. If you can go through the dungeons and trials with friends blindly, they’re always so much better. Everyone’s reactions are new and fresh, we all get to experience it together. There’s no one to tell you what the bosses do, and figuring that out on the fly is always so much fun!

I remember in both Heavensward and Stormblood we managed to do this (more or less). Going into that dungeon in Heavensward, none of us knew what to expect. And we had to break for a solid half an hour afterwards because we all needed the time to process what had happened. Sharing those moments together with good friends is an experience I’ll always treasure. And one I hope to continue with Shadowbringers.

Even if your leveling might be interrupted as a result, it just means you can go do other things while others are busy! Or you can grind earlier dungeons for glamour or something. There’s always more than enough to do when an expansion drops. So if you can find people to run through the story with, I’d highly recommend it! 10/10 friends are the best.

Happy adventuring, and good luck in Shadowbringers!

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