Star Ocean Summer

Star Ocean Summer

I have a hell of a backlog to catch up on, so let’s start with some gacha games. Aud and Nikki got me recently into another one: Star Ocean Anamnesis.

Not-so-Old Fan

I’ll admit that I hadn’t even heard of Star Ocean until seeing the ad for ‘Til the End of Time in the back of the FFXI BradyGames guide. Next thing you know I’m grinding the heck out of it. Why? Because what else was there to do when LFP as Dragoon? I even later secured a copy of SO2 for the PSP, though I didn’t quite finish that one.

SO4’s release excited me thoroughly! And yet, unfortunately, my new TV at the time had a horrible problem with how it was built. A good 2~3 inches of the screen was chopped off regardless of the resolution setting! Playing an RPG when you can’t see the menu is pretty difficult, so I gave up on this and many other console games for a long time. And by the time SO5 was out, I was already so deep in MMOland that there was no real exit anymore.

Star Ocean Shines

When I heard about the gacha version of Star Ocean, well… sure, why not? It might not be so bad. And if it was I could just retire it without having invested any cash. Not only is the game itself pretty good with plenty of depth, but the gacha system is extremely generous. Players gain one free unit summon per day, and doing the maze each day is practically a guaranteed 1000~1500 gems.

You need 5,000 for a 10 unit pull, or I think 3,000 for a 10 weapon pull. Either way, you’re pretty much set for a pull per week with just basic playing. And duplicate units go to become limit breaks of the existing ones, or limit break materials if character is capped out. Duplicates only serve to make you stronger, so while it might be a bummer to not draw your waifu or husbando, you rarely lose out.

Dark Matter

Unfortunately, SOA’s gameplay is a bit too active for me while I’m at work. I can’t in good conscience just auto my gameplay because I’m too busy being productive. That’s not fair to those in multiplayer mode who’ve spent their stamina and time on hosting the run. Then the lack of story and events outside of minor grinding here and there really prevents any current longevity. I’m sure this’ll improve over time given it’s still a new game here in the Global version, though.

Even just having a multiplayer mode can be an unfortunate turn, as it is with many games. You’re expected to have a certain baseline of knowledge and experience. So if you don’t make that cut, whether you’re a newbie, don’t play often, or are just returning, you’re left behind. God forbid you’re saving materials to max out a character that might be coming out soon, if you’re not maxing out your current then you’re worthless. I’d like to play with my friends sometime, but as it is with FFXIV–we’re rarely on at the same time to do so!

Summer Banner

Hopefully next week sometime we’ll get news on a follow-up to the current summer banner. I’m waiting to draw the Summer version of Reimi, as this one’s a physical attacker and a good unit to hold onto until much later on. Sure she isn’t “future-proof” and the like, but one thing I’ve learned with gacha games–just play them how you like. Go for units you like. And always watch your budget because the gambling habit can eat it up quickly.

Happy adventuring!

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