Stormblood Media Tour Analysis

I can only ever get so hype. Or so I thought. Onto information from the Stormblood Media Tour! (Please bear in mind all of this information is STILL subject to change–even after release with balance adjustments!)

Dragoon – Changes

Dragoon was easy to grasp but a beast to master back in Heavensward. Everything had to be on such pinpoint accuracy that it was rare to find a Dragoon properly worth their weight. Now we’ve got what seems to be a simplified handling and a whole bunch of things removed and changed. To start with, abilities that are now role shared are: Feint, Leg Sweep, and Invigorate. Abilities that have been removed are Keen Flurry, Phlebotomize, Power Surge, and Ring of Thorns.

Anyone who knows me, I ask that you give a moment of silence for Keen Flurry. She was my bold companion for whenever I wanted to do something stupid. I’ll miss you. ?

DRG Changes

So according to this, it seems SE wants DRG’s damage to overall balance out with itself but its sustainability to increase quite a bit. Dragoon will be a little less great at burst, but won’t be crying for TP as often. Unless your wife and raid leader coordinate to make your nightmare come true. The drastic loss in Geirskogul output really hurts, but I’m looking forward to Wheeling Thrust and Fang & Claw finally being static to the combo chain. That was murder on my hand I swear.

Dragoon – New Stuff!

Okay so first up at Lv62 we’ve got Sonic Thrust. This is a linear AoE that combos off of Doom Spike which is pretty awesome. It’ll cost 120 TP and generate 170 potency of damage–making our AoE rotation into Doom -> Sonic rinse/repeat. That’ll save even more TP and generate a bit more damage for our AoE dungeon speed runs.

Next is a trait Lance Mastery. This is so awesome! From Lv64 onward our 4th step combos will always be followed by a fifth step! Given these are now static in the 4th, they’ll also be static in the 5th. Fang and Claw will lead into Wheeling Thrust and vice-versa. Some awesome TP conservation and a boon to Blood of the Dragon timer given the 5s reduction on both.

Lv66 brings us Dragon Sight. This is a tether-like buff that you can adhere to a single party member, increasing their damage by 5% and your damage by 10% as long as you’re within six yalms of each other for 15s. I won’t lie–this ability terrifies me. Elyon, our raid MNK, already seems to enjoy hugging me when big AoEs are coming out. I need my space, bud!

Following that at Lv68 is Miracle Dive! This is a 200 potency single target hit that’s only accessible under “Dive Ready”. That’s a condition granted through Jump and Spineshatter Dive. Little more oGCD damage to spread around!

Finally, Lv70 finishes us off with Life of the Dragon. This is a trait that enables Miracle Dive to grant stacks of Dragon Eyes. When the “Eye” is fully open on your UI your next Geirskogul will turn Blood of the Dragon into Life of the Dragon. Under the effects of Life of the Dragon, Geirskogul turns into Nastrond–a 320 potency linear AoE on a 10s recast timer. When Life of the Dragon wears off, it will revert to Blood of the Dragon at its base 15s timer.

Dragoon – Analysis

Again, all of this is still subject to change. But right now it seems the big thing for Dragoon will be working our way up to Life of the Dragon so we can pump out more Nastrond. Given the timer converts flat, I assume the best we’ll be able to do is 29s. I’m not sure! But that would mean 3 Nastrond would be either difficult or outright impossible. So perhaps 2 Nastrond is safer to aim for? I haven’t looked into it, but I’m glad everything seems to be less of a headache than it was in Heavensward!

SAM Skills

Samurai – Analysis

I was writing this big spreadsheet on it but… why reinvent the wheel? Thanks to GamerEscape for this fantastic infographic!

So from this most things were just about spot on. Potencies were pretty off the mark in some cases but, eh. Our unknown “1 Sen” ability is Higanbana which is a pretty potent DoT–and the only DoT Samurai has. This makes me hope that our Iaijutsu abilities won’t interrupt regular combos but we’ll see.

One big unfortunate tab on Samurai’s belt now is they bring nothing to the table for the party to benefit from. Sure, there’s a Slashing Debuff–but that’s probably handled by someone else in your raid. In essence, Samurai is taking over Monk’s former role in the meta. They contribute by hitting things ridiculously hard. Like, insanely hard.

Midare Setsugekka is a 720 potency single target hit. Combine that with +50% from Hissatsu: Kaiten, +15% from Jinpu, and the 10% slashing resist down from Yukikaze for a 1,320 potency strike. That’s roughly every 9 GCDs if we aim our buffs specifically for it. That’s kind of ridiculous. xD

But… we’ll see what comes our way.

Happy adventuring!

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