The Lost Melds of Uznair

The Lost Melds of Uznair

I’m sitting there crafting a veritable ton of Loquat Juice when Nikki says, “Let’s do one of the new maps!” Hooooh dear. On we go to try and find Uznair!

Four Beasts

So there we were: Nikki, Alma, and myself. Flying around in the Ruby Sea looking for a treasure box to dig up. This took… longer than we expected. The Ruby Sea is not a small zone! Once we found it I questioned our ability to even handle the map itself. This is content supposedly designed for eight lv70 players, after all! While we’re fairly competent–our gear hasn’t reached a point where we can carry “five people”.

Nikki popped the treasure chest–signaling the expected trap. Four monsters were upon us and the initial thought we all shared was, “Please no more adds.” This brought us nearly down to the wire in terms of time remaining, but we cleared it! The chest wasn’t anything to write home about–but it did open up a portal into Uznair.

We won!

The Trolling Is Real

The floors of Uznair were filled to the brim with enemies. Nothing that Alma couldn’t tank and Nikki couldn’t heal through–but their vast numbers made AoE tactics from a single DPS moot. By Alma’s suggestion I switched it up to single target damage and focused down the bigger threats first–which worked out given how much time you’re given in Uznair. I still think we would’ve done much better with one more DPS, though.

We followed the FC’s policy of “Reverse Nascar” and the first two floor openings went without a cinch. All of the others were just terrible trolls. One in particular the screen went totally black and we had a loading circle pop!… And then RAINBOW CHEER! Like what?! This place is not good for the heart! Alma was trying to record it all but apparently was on the wrong OBS scene at the time and only got our audio. Whoops.

Victory Pose

Catfish Royalty of Uznair

We made it to the final floor–freaking out the whole day–and cleared! I’d say we had a good twenty-eight minutes left on the clock once we finished. Not bad for three people! The rewards included quite a few Tier VI materia spread around for us, plenty of crafting materials and clusters, and the catfish minion which Alma won! They’re sort of known for catfish in various ways so this was an appropriate victory.

Afterwards I went back to crafting for red scrips and broke a good eight or nine Control V materia. I had plenty of gil on me so decided to buy them up instead. After blowing through nearly three million gil I finished my crafting melds–and I’m ready to make our 320 gear for tonight’s raid! Thankfully XIVDB is back up so Nikki can gather the materials for the pieces I’m requesting. I won’t be completely decked out in 320s, nor will any of them but one be overmelded, but I figure I can use any HP I can get knowing how I play!


Happy adventuring!

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