The Lost Ones

The Lost Ones

Today is .hack//GU Last Recode, and I’m sad happy to say I have not been trapped in FFXIV as my character. Today’ll be a catch up entry before I go to GameStop to pick up our copies of .hack so… here we go!



I’m no fashion ninja or anything, so I always rely on a second or even third opinion on my glamours to finish them off. This set turned out super well I think! The new dungeon top is very cute, but the dye I chose matches my usual color preference well and tones it down perfectly. This gives me a sort of professional, adventuring swordswoman type feel.

Went with the Gordian Katana (courtesy of Nophica’s Bosom) for my weapon. The “glow” on these is really just a brightness adjustment, and it dyes super well–so any color works nicely for the blade! For this set though I took up Othard blue to match the Skallic Jacket of Striking that makes up the focus piece. I wanted open arms but to accessorize, so I chose Emperor’s New Gloves and Ring, Lakshmi’s Bracelet, and my Eternity Ring. Finally, a pair of Lady’s Knickers (Black) and Expeditioner’s Thighboots dyed Soot Black. This gives a more open, airy flow and feel–and shows off my thighs a bit. 😉

Just when I thought it was done, Nikki went and bought me a Blue Brightlily Corsage to adorn my hair with. It’s adorable and has become a proud piece I wear on both Samurai and Paladin glamour sets!

Dreadwyrm Katana (Front)Dreadwyrm Katana (Back)

The Ending Coil of Bahamut (Casual)

We are not nearly good enough to be competing in Unending Coil–at least not any time within the near future. However, we’re way more than enough to farm some glamour weapons in Turn 13! We started the run as just Alma, Nikki, and myself going for our weapons and wound up turning this into a miniature Free Company “event”.

Watch my Back

The most difficult part on Turn 13 right now is waiting. The fight is timed to music, so you sit there listening for ages. Oh look–an add spawned! Oops, it’s dead. We curb stomped Bahamut for a while until we had all (I think?) gotten the weapons we wanted. So now I’ve got the Dreadwyrm Katana! While it’s certainly pretty, I find it difficult to take that over the fancy Gordian Katana. As I’m a katana collector though–couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

Catnip Forge

The Catnip Forge

When we could add personal chambers within our Free Company estate, I knew I wanted to make a smitty shop. Somewhere I could sit and do my crafting in peace and quiet. Maybe even entertain a few customers with idle chatter and good scenery during their wait. Yet… I didn’t have a place on my own, so my chamber became my “apartment”. Now, Nikki has a house that we share together–and that’s where we live. The mansion owned by Mephisto’s Cafe is our headquarters. With both of these roles taken up, I could furnish my apartment as I desired!

Admittedly, I did a poor job with my Lavender Beds apartment. It was… okay at best. With Shirogane opening up and a new breadth of furnishing options though, I took it upon myself to do a redesign. I kept the same basic idea but went more for client hangout spaces rather than personal living areas. It came out splendidly–and the best part? I used exactly 69 of the 100 available furnishing slots!

If you’re on Excalibur, feel free to visit sometime–even if I’m not online. It’s Shirogane Ward 1, Wing 1, Apartment 85.

O3S Conquered

Got Our Wish

We finally cleared Fairy Wish Prince O3S! That made for a wild ride of a fight–and I picked up a roborant from it just a few hours prior to my birthday. I’m pretty excited to go in guns a blazing now and push a little harder for some oranges on FFlogs–but at least this’ll make keeping purples much easier. You can find our video clear here on Twitch!

Now… our group is super casual. We’re good–but casual. Pretty much four hours maximum per week, and a lot of that time is spent with preparations or videos or chat etc. From my times in HC though, I prefer this. We’re still getting things down, we’re still progressing. I’m not going to insult the progress of those below me by saying things like, “lol world last”. Damned proud to be part of this team. I know we’ll give O4S hell, and hopefully clear it before we break anyone along the way.

Unending Coil, though? I don’t think we’d be able to sit there and endure that without people wanting to quit progressing, the team, or the game. Maybe our story will take us there someday, to that level, but I find it’s best that we’re all just going at this comfortable pace on the same page together.

Happy adventuring!

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