The Sick Guardian

On Wednesdays my raid team settles back a bit to clear out “older” content. Right now we’re on O7S, the Guardian.

Everyone’s Got Their Way

In my few times of doing this fight, I’ve noticed everyone has a different way of handling things. Move the boss here, drag it there. If you put it here you can get uptime, if you slide it there you can endure mechanics better. Unfortunately most groups tend to prioritize only one or the other without considering both. So you either end up dying to an accident, or too far from the boss to hit it for a prolonged period of time.

Thankfully, my new team seems determined to do their best for reaching both. We’re still new to the fight for most of us though. The end result is we’re having to do a lot of catch-up and fine-tuning is a tad difficult.


Arguably the hardest part of O7S is handling Virus. This involves Searing Wind, Abandonment, Positive and Negative Charges, and Aether Rot. It’s a whole ton to handle at once, but once your group gets enough experience with it then it really isn’t so bad.

Mind you, I say this being a melee DPS. I have literally the easiest job on Virus. Stand at 2, get knocked back, swap Virus to the other melee (or get it), run to 1 to start attacking the boss and have Virus taken from me. The only trick comes if the tethers are crossed between as we’re knocked back. Or if someone pushes too close to the middle. Or if my melee partner is too fast or too slow to return to the boss. Any kind of excess and unexpected movement can risk Hysteria, making passing the Rot almost impossible and probably wiping the run.

First Night

Tonight was our first run on O7S really, and we handled it extremely well. There was some minor confusion on chakra spots which led to some Damage Dealt stacks that made adds tough. But in any case, we made it to Virus and even saw a bit afterwards on our first night. And this is still without our full team, because y’all know how that goes. The unexpected always happens!

For now though, I couldn’t be happier with this team. We’re learning, we’re having fun, and laughing about our stupid mistakes. And I even have a diamond weapon caster who wants to compete with me again, which is the ticket to pushing my limits more.

Happy adventuring!

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