Too Many Gacha

Too Many Gacha

I cling to my cellphone charger, hoping to find another outlet soon. Why? Because of all the gacha games I’ve got running.

Maybe Not That Bad

Okay, so I’m not entirely ignorant of proper battery procedures. I do cancel processes that I’m not frequently using. That’s just the thing though: if you miss time out on a gacha game, you might miss some crucial progress and be left behind. It doesn’t help that I tend to play gacha alongside some crazy luck monsters I guess.

I’m writing this post mostly to help me figure out which games I want to narrow down to. Or at least to help identify why I play them, and how seriously I want to consider taking them. Properly categorizing things helps with my anxiety, I’ve noticed! This might be why I like spreadsheets so much…? Hrm.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

I have Ryan to blame for getting me into this mess. I’ve been playing this one the longest and the most consistently. Not that it hasn’t had its own dry spells though. FFBE has a nice callback to the turn-based style of old FF games and even a similar aesthetic. If that’s your thing, you might find FFBE really enjoyable. The story has gotten good enough to the point where it’s difficult to consider it “just a simple mobile game” too.

Kingdom Hearts Union Cross

Nikki got me into KHuX when we were headed down to South Carolina to pick up her car. As much of a Kingdom Hearts fan that I am, this doesn’t really hold thoroughly. Recent updates with the PvP system and the relative lack of story make it difficult to sink my teeth into. Combine that with rapid power-creep and you’re left too far behind to do anything fun really. I feel bad for my party as I used to contribute quite a bit, but I’m losing interest quickly.

Star Ocean Anamnesis

Another game that Nikki got me into! I fondly remember playing Star Ocean Til the End of Time as a kid and this calls back on that experience well. The free daily draws is a huge plus because it gives even F2P players a chance to nab something. This also encourages you to hold onto your gem supply for the big pulls that you’ll want down the road from crossovers and the like. However, it’s kind of difficult for me to push hard for right now because I have to wait a fair bit on the characters I really want!

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia

That’s a freaking mouthful! I’m pretty sure I have myself to blame on this one, but I’m going to blame Aud anyway. I’ve largely fallen out of interest with it. Not that it isn’t fun, but it just doesn’t hold me as thoroughly and it’s honestly too thought provoking to enjoy on a simple car ride, dinner, or while at work. Most of the games I play I want to do so while multi-tasking, and this demands a fair bit more attention than most of the others. You really have to think about your party setup and actions used in each fight, or you’ll find yourself on the losing end!

Fate Grand Order

I’m definitely responsible for this one, as few others I know really enjoy the Nasuverse. The gameplay is… lackluster, honestly. Why isn’t there an auto option, or a repeat at least? The clunkiness is a huge turn-off and probably why this doesn’t see a ton of attention out of me. They’ve been working hard on trying to improve their translations though, and I’m looking forward to having the chance to draw Okita or Musashi and failing hard and probably being upset about it for a while. This is less of a game and more ultimate waifu and husbando simulator.

Pokemon Go

We live too close to areas that Pokemon don’t spawn in, and too far to really enjoy casual play. Pokemon Go, for me, is relegated only to being out when I know we’re near a PokeStop that we want sit around. Or while at a theme park, because those tend to have large concentrations of both interesting Pokemon to catch and PokeStops to refresh supplies with. It’s really fun playing this with Nikki as it adds an extra element to our theme park dates. Plus, we can see people looking at us staring at our phones and probably thinking, “gosh darned millennials”.

I think I’ll be sticking with FFBE for the foreseeable future, and the others may just come and go as the time fits.

Happy adventuring!

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