Ryuhkin the Paladin

Weekend Without Raid

This will be the first weekend in a long time that I have not even tried to raid. But for sure I’ll gain in other areas without it!

Nikki on Wheels

This weekend we’re going to South Carolina to pick up Nikki’s car. It’ll be a hopefully exciting, hopefully not too exciting journey. We’re pretty much all set to go now. Nikki stayed home from work to make sure of that. It was a huge unexpected cost but we’ll figure things out! The end result is she’ll have more freedom–and I’ll have a shorter commute. Like way shorter. From an hour one way to fifteen minutes. I’ll miss hanging out with her that long, but it means more time for my programming and naps.

Not Many Breaks

I mean sure I’ve been sick and missed raid. Or there was a holiday or whatever, but even those were a while ago. This is the first weekend in a while we’ve not even tried to enter raid content. For starters I’ll miss the competition with Alma and Elyon. Or my panicked state whenever Ryan and CB get a little close with the boss charge in A10S. And crying for my TP when Aud and Nikki ensure my skill speed is buffed to ungodly levels. Sitting on the floor helpless as I wonder why we can’t find a permanent Bard.

But it’ll be very nice getting a reprieve from it, even still. Going on an adventure and rekindling the fire within! Seeing new places–or revisiting old ones–really helps with thinking of areas to design too. How the different plant and animal life coordinate naturally makes it a little easier to put that into a game’s map. I’m looking forward to what this trip will do for the strength of my mindset going forward in all areas.

Maybe I’ll just go and solo Turn 13!… Or maybe not. We’ll see.

Until next time, happy adventuring!

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