We’re Halfway There

We’re Halfway There

It’s been a long while since I’ve had the time to blog! Been a busy year, but I’m still alive I promise. I’m here today to talk a bit about my raid, and how we’re finally halfway through Sigmascape Savage!

Byakko EX

Cat and Shuffle

Our leader, Aud, had a plan to get our Sigmascape Normal clears in the first week–then down Byakko EX at least ten times. This was to get us warmed up again and secure the finest weapons we could wield going into Savage content. Some were against this, saying we didn’t need them. Though really, to be frank: our group kinda does. We’re not the Golden Children of Raiding. We’re super casual and not all of us really throw out wild numbers for our jobs. As a result, every single advantage we can give ourselves comes in handy. I’m still pretty bummed I didn’t end up with PLD and/or DRG drops along the way, but at least we secured the ten clears so I could get my SAM katana!

Somewhere between our Byakko runs, Alma stepped down as our tank to get her life on track. We replaced her with Vel, who is Maho’s significant other. He’s still trying to shake off the rust from a prolonged content nap. He’ll catch on soon enough, though!


Let’s Get Down to Business

After those ten runs, I had to completely get used to a new GCD. The amount of skill speed provided on striking gear this tier is intense! So, what better to do this than on training dummies? I smacked a few at home around before heading off to the Stormblood SSS dummies. At i350 with a Byakko’s weapon and barely triple-melded gear, I downed the O8S dummy. It was a much closer call than I was hoping for, but the confidence boost was still there.

This level of practice isn’t really consistent for a lot of us. I can see it with our MNK a lot recently, and I’m very excited about that. Without any distractions, Elyon is starting to prove himself by closing in towards the top. And Aud throws himself into anything and everything to practice his movement and timings on BLM–and the effort shows. Any slight shift in the fight or on the buffs provided can shift the competition between him and myself. And having rivals is pushing me forward, as I can never accept “good enough” because it isn’t enough to challenge them.

O5S Clear

Phantom Train Derailed

Eventually we hopped onto the tracks of Savage raiding for this tier. Phantom Train is kind of messy because of certain random aspects to its mechanics. Sure, they come out in order–but where the blocks are, where the ghosts cross, etc. It can be kinda tricky to account for! This fight took us two total nights of attempts, clocking in around three to four hours before we finally conquered it. So far DRG belt, casting ring, healing ring, and fending ring have dropped. Getting fending accessories is the most disappointing thing when your tanks use crafted accessories.

Once we cleared it we tried the WAR cheese on the passenger rooms, but that didn’t work out–so we’re handling the mechanic the intended way. All of that glorious downtime means an orange is going to be kind of tough on this fight!

O6S Clear - WAR's Twitter

Painting is (Not) Relaxing

Next up… the paint guy. I legit have never looked at his name. The training dummy fight. Whatever it’s called! This is the first fight I’ve ever had to use Invigorate on while on Samurai, outside of dying. 1900+ skill speed and practically no downtime does not do my TP bar any favors. This fight took us two and a half nights of attempts, making it about five hours in total. We honestly would have cleared it earlier last night from a plethora of reasons. On my own end, I hadn’t given myself any time to relax prior to the raid. I was still a little worn from socializing and on edge about anything and everything.

Aud’s suggested I take a break for a few days or up to next raid for other things. I end up going kinda Gestalt mode when split from my main for too long though. Maybe I’ll boot up Pokemon Ultra Sun again when I’m sitting at the PC and focus a little more on that instead. Either way, our first clear won us Aiming and Casting Boots. I scored both the weapon tome and the polish–pushing my iLvl from 350 to 353. I’m intending to pick up the 360 tome body this week for 354 and quite a bit more oomph into next raid. We’re gonna need everything we’ve got for taking down O7S!

Happy adventuring!

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