What a Trip

What a Trip

Nikki and I finally got back from getting her car. To say the very least, it was quite the unforgettable trip.

On the Way

One of Nikki’s coworkers and a mutual friend of ours drove us to the bus station. It was decided that we’d be traveling by Greyhound. Mostly in order to prevent any awkward silent drives home with handling two cars. Along the way conversation had somehow normally come across her just saying, “Y’know, when I was little I wanted to be a boy.” She then went on to speak very positively about trans people that she knows or has encountered, and glanced in her rear view mirror quite a bit more often than earlier while driving. She’s one of the people I’ve been meaning to tell, but I still come across such heavy doubts when in person.

I responded with something that might as well have been the final piece of the puzzle for her. “Many never seem to understand. Transition isn’t about going from Point A to Point B, but the journey to find your own happiness.” Between a few minor things about my own appearance, some Facebook posts, and that she’s seen my character–yeah. I told Alma about this when Nikki and I were waiting for the first bus and their immediate response was, “YOU GOT CLOCKED!” Said friend is a very smart cookie, as are the other two I intend to tell someday. All three have seemed to hint at it out of me at times but I can barely request what I want when ordering fast food… ugh.

Bearded Anime Guy

From our first stop until our last, as he was going farther, we were accompanied by the Bearded Anime Guy. BAG was nice enough I guess. He took quick note of Nikki with her Scouting Legion hoodie and hung around us quite often. On one of our buses Nikki and I had to sit apart, and BAG was in front of me. He kicked back his seat as far as he could because fuck my leg room I guess. Then he proceeded to stream episodes of Death Note. The following bus his phone went off and played the first three notes of Database very loudly. I recognized this because it was my phone alarm before it drove Nikki to the brink of insanity.

Who knows. Maybe BAG just wanted friends with similar interests. Or perhaps he was bored like the rest of us. Maybe even he wanted his own chance encounter. Sorry, BAG–but neither of us are going to run with a slice of bread in our mouths then accidentally bump into you.

Can’t Wash the Weed

It hasn’t been that long since I was in high school. Nevermind it’s been ten years. Anyway, I still vividly remember the smell of weed from my high school days. Kids would hang around in the usually unused bathrooms and get their highs there. Unfortunately that was always right near where I liked to sit and do my reading. It was never all that strong, but it was a scent I’ll never forget.

Then we get onto the second waiting stop–finally with everyone around. My sinuses clear up a bit so the first thing I do is take a quick breath in. My first reaction is to call Spiderman up because he left M.J. behind. The smell of weed is so potent that it almost covers up the overwhelming scent of month old body odor from some of these people. At this point I just want out. Unfortunately, our three hour overlay turns into a six hour one. Our driver decided to take the day off without telling anyone. Great…

On the note of weed, we also encountered “The Weed Van” on our way up here. Feel free to Google that–it was kind of an outrageous experience. Although, no, we didn’t try their candy. Really!

Southern Hospitality

Nikki’s Great Uncle and Great Aunt, once we arrived, provided us with extremely thorough southern hospitality. It’s been a while since I’ve encountered it outside of my own parents I guess. They showed us around town and treated us to all sorts of meals. I even had Jack in the Box for the first time although I’m not sure what the huge fuss was about. Nikki said burgers are their specialty–so maybe I’ll get one of those next time we’re in one. The town they live in is super quaint. I mean like… they literally left the door unlocked on most occasions quaint.

The drive back up home was super nice. I really enjoy nice and relaxing country driving, especially through some mildly hilly regions. Although it did mean quite a lot of bug killing along the way. Her poor car was caked in insect goo–so we went ahead and washed it. The horn they installed gives us great joy. It sounds like an angry duck!

But… that’s all for me, for now. We’re home safe and I am incredibly tired. Good night, and happy adventuring!

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