Dragon Sized Problems

Tohru for the sake of dragons

I’ve always loved Dragoon or even spear-wielding classes since my days on Ragnarok Online as a Lord Knight. That moved over well to Final Fantasy XI which I played since I was about fourteen years old. And then again to Final Fantasy XIV! Yet I’ve got a few dragon sized problems with DRG in FFXI that I had forgotten about until our return. Continue reading »

Break in Raid

Ryuh and Refyll

On Saturday I went into the bedroom to wake Nikki up for raid. The issue here? She looked too darned cute and comfortable for me to wake her. So I laid down for a bit too thinking, “Just for a moment.” We wound up missing raid completely. It was decided that night, to no one’s surprise, that our group is now on a break until Stormblood. So we’re all free agents. Continue reading »